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734 members and growing!

This list is a voluntary list of information about members of the www.tatugirls.com forum. The list has grown so large that I've broken it up into multiple pages. Click on the buttons in the menu bar above to select a page to display. I made this web page for forum members who want to meet other forum members from their own country or other countries (since this forum doesn't provide much info).


I originally started this list in June, 2003 as just a simple list of members and countries. I was curious how popular t.A.T.u. was in the USA compared to other English-speaking countries. When the list got too big, I created this web page because I thought it would be useful to other forum members to find people from their own country. Another member then started a couple more topics with additional information, like real name, age, and sexuality, so I decided to add the information from her topics to my list. Since I had all the information already, it was easy to calculate the statistics and so I added the statistics page. The statistics are updated automatically whenever I add a new name to the member list.

If you would like to add your name to the list or change any information, please add it to this topic, or you can send a PM to me (cplarosa). I've been trying to update the list as often as I can, but you can send me a PM if you need something changed immediately. Thanks for all the submissions, and I hope you find this page useful.

Click a person's login name in the member list to view their user profile at www.tatugirl.com. The following clickable icons may appear next to a person's name:

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And check out these sites by other fans for more member information:

If you are new to the forum, read the topic "Welcome to the tatugirls.com forum", by pickupsticks. It has lots of links to other useful topics.

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