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Megamix (Russia)

Artist:  Тату
Title:  Megamix
Type:  Compilation
Released:  2002
Country:  Russia
Label:  Universal
Links:   rbcmp3.com

Track List

  1. Клоуны
  2. Ты сошел с ума (CJ Fly Hard Version) *
  3. Я сошла с ума (DJ Ram remix)
  4. Нас не догонят (HarDrum remix)
  5. 30 минут (HarDrum remix)
  6. Робот
  7. Я твоя не первая
  8. Я твой враг
  9. Мальчик-гей
  10. Досчитай до ста
  11. Скажи зачем (Channel Mix)
  12. Я сошла с ума (DJ Ram Edit)
  13. Нас не догонят (Remix)
  14. Я сошла с ума (С. Галоян remix)
  15. Мальчик-гей (That Black remix)
  16. Я сошла с ума (HarDrum remix)
  17. 30 минут (Moscow Grooves Institute remix)
  18. Тату & Rammstein Feat. Ода - Рамштайны нас не догонят *
  19. 30 минут (Кин-Дза-Дза Mix)
  Romanized Titles

  1. Klouny
  2. Ty Shosla S Uma (CJ Fly Hard Version) *
  3. Ya Shosla S Uma (DJ Ram remix)
  4. Nas Ne Dagoniat (HarDrum remix)
  5. 30 Minut (HarDrum remix)
  6. Robot
  7. Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya
  8. Ya Tvoi Vrag
  9. Malchik-gay
  10. Doschitai Do Sta
  11. Zachem Ya (Channel Mix)
  12. Ya Shosla S Uma (DJ Ram Edit)
  13. Nas Ne Dagoniat (Remix)
  14. Ya Shosla S Uma (S. Galoyan remix)
  15. Malchik-gay (That Black remix)
  16. Ya Shosla S Uma (HarDrum remix)
  17. 30 Minut (Moscow Grooves Institute remix)
  18. Tatu & Rammstein Feat. Rammsteins - Nas Ne Dagoniat *
  19. 30 Minut (Kin-dza-dza Mix)
  English Titles

  1. Clowns
  2. You've Lost Your Mind (CJ Fly Hard Version) *
  3. I've Lost My Mind (DJ Ram remix)
  4. They're Not Gonna Get Us (HarDrum remix)
  5. 30 Minutes (HarDrum remix)
  6. Robot
  7. I'm Not Your First
  8. I'm Your Enemy
  9. Gay Boy
  10. Count To 100
  11. Why Me? (Channel Mix)
  12. I've Lost My Mind (DJ Ram Edit)
  13. They're Not Gonna Get Us (Remix)
  14. I've Lost My Mind (S. Galoyan remix)
  15. Gay Boy (That Black remix)
  16. I've Lost My Mind (HarDrum remix)
  17. 30 Minutes (Moscow Grooves Institute remix)
  18. t.A.T.u. & Rammstein Feat. Rammsteins - Rammsteins not Gonna Get Us *
  19. 30 Minutes (Kin-dza-dza Mix)

All songs are in Russian.

* This song is not sung by t.A.T.u.

Note:  Romanized spellings are in-exact because of the various different methods of transliteration that may be used. There may be several different spellings other than the one(s) shown above.

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