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The Video Collection [DVD] (Russia)

Artist:  Tatu
Title:  The Video Collection [DVD]
Type:  Compilation, DVD
Released:  2003
Country:  Russia
Format:  NTSC
Region:  All
Label:  Universal Music Russia?
EAN/UPC:  none
Links:   rbcmp3.com

Track List (verified)

  1. Я сошла с ума
  2. Нас не догонят
  3. Простые движенья
  4. Я сошла с ума (HarDrum remix)
  5. All The Things She Said
  6. 30 минут
  7. Not Gonna Get Us
  Romanized Titles

  1. Ya Shosla S Uma
  2. Nas Ne Dagoniat
  3. Prostye Dvizhenia
  4. Ya Shosla S Uma (HarDrum remix)
  5. All The Things She Said
  6. 30 Minut
  7. Not Gonna Get Us
  English Titles

  1. I've Lost My Mind
  2. They're Not Gonna Get Us
  3. Simple Motions
  4. I've Lost My Mind (HarDrum remix)
  5. All The Things She Said [English]
  6. 30 Minutes
  7. Not Gonna Get Us [English]

All songs are in Russian unless otherwise specified.

This DVD is a bootleg. It has all the official copyright notices and writing credits on the cover, and the video quality is excellent, but the audio is out of sync with the video by about 1/2 second and lacks the bass response which is available on the official "All The Things She Said" DVD. There are also some misspellings on the cover and the HarDrum remix is listed incorrectly as the "DJ Ram Mix". The group's name is listed as "Tatu", which is the transliterated form of Тату -- a form which is not used on any of their official CD's. In addition, there is no UPC/EAN bar code on the package.

Note:  Romanized spellings are in-exact because of the various different methods of transliteration that may be used. There may be several different spellings other than the one(s) shown above.

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