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"Yes, people in the US are rather simple. They don't hide their feelings, they live as they want. In Moscow, for example, everyone is hooked on clothes, but in USA, people dress as they want to. They kiss as they want and no one hides. Everything is open!"

From an interview for OKEJ (Sweden) on Feb 17, 2003
(before t.A.T.u.'s USA visit);
Translation by forre

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This site is dedicated to the music of the Russian vocal duet, t.A.T.u. I built this web site to provide a complete list of the songs and CD's released by t.A.T.u. throughout the world. This site should be used as a music reference site, and is not intended to provide pictures and multimedia downloads. If you are looking for pictures, I recommend taty.co.uk. For multimedia, try Kazaa. If you want to find out all the songs that t.A.T.u. has recorded, or which CD's they have released throughout the world, this site is a good place to start. I've listed all Russian titles in the original Cyrillic, Romanized Russian, and English so you can use this site as a Rosetta Stone for translating t.A.T.u. song and CD titles to English. I also have a section describing t.A.T.u.'s recent promotional visit to the USA, with their calendar and descriptions of their TV and radio appearances. I hope you find this site useful, and I do appreciate any feedback.

Frozen In Time

This website has not been updated since 2003, but it is preserved here as a testament to friends we made and the excitement we experienced as fans of the first Russian rock group to make it big in America and around the world. Although most of the external links here lead to websites that are long gone, I have preserved this site exactly as it was in 2003 (except for this panel, formerly news).

Since this site was last updated, the girls have released two additional albums, "Dangerous and Moving" (2005) and "Waste Management" (2009). Although Julia and Lena are no-longer singing together as t.A.T.u., they are each making music individually. Lena released her first solo album, "This Is Who I Am" (shown at right), in November 2014, and it's a great album! Check out their websites:

juliavolkva.com                 lenakatina.com

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t.A.T.u. Visited This Site!

On April 14, 2003 I noticed that Julia had logged into the forum on tatugirls.com, so I posted a message asking her to look at my web site, and she did!  Here is her reply:
"Hello Chris! We looked yours web site! he very good!
We love him! You best fans!
Sweet kisses for you from Julia and Lena!"
Thank you Julia and Lena for the positive comments! I really appreciate the fact that you take the time to respond to your fans even with your busy schedule. Read the full message thread from tatugirls.com.

About the Webmaster

I am an American fan of t.A.T.u. and I live in the USA. I first heard about t.A.T.u. when I downloaded one of their songs on the internet. I immediately liked it and purchased their Album "200 Km/h In The Wrong Lane", which had just been released. I almost never find an album on which I like every single song, but in this case I did! All the songs on the album are great! I then found the Russian version of their album, "200 по встречной", in a record store and purchased it. There are 3 more songs on the Russian album which I really like (dance songs), and I like the Russian versions of some songs better than the English versions (even though I don't understand Russian). I then purchased the single "All The Things She Said" because it had part 1 of their "Behind the Scenes" video, and I bought their limited edition DVD of "All The Things She Said". I wanted to find out more about t.A.T.u.'s music, and that's when I started this web site. I am also the editor of the t.A.T.u. category in the Open Directory and MusicMoz, so if you have any really great English sites to recommend, let me know. If the record companies think the internet promotes music piracy, they are dead wrong in my case!



"I think [Americans] shows more conservative than they are... They should do whatever they want to do. We are doing what we want to do. We are free -- we can do whatever we want."

From an interview with WBLI radio on March 5, 2003
(at the end of t.A.T.u.'s USA visit)

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